Moira Dela Torre to her Friend: ‘Napanood mo na yung new girl?’

Convo of Moira Dela Torre and her male friend goes viral

MOIRA DELA TORRE – The latest Instagram story of the singer has become the talk of the town as she converses with some friends, including a male companion.

In the video, Moira can be seen asking a friend if he has watched the “new girl.” The person she tagged in the video is Jeric Pacaba, a guitarist and a friend of the singer.

“Napanood mo na yung new girl?” Moira asked. “Ha?” responded the male friend, wearing shades. “Yung new girl?” Moira repeated. “Bakit?” he asked again. “Napanood mo na?” Moira asked once more. “Hindi pa,” he replied.

“And that’s the end of that conversation hahaha,” said a male voice in the background, which made Moira laugh. “I don’t think any other video can perfectly describe how you are as a friend. HAHAHA,” Moira captioned the text.

Although no specific names were mentioned, it is possible that Moira was referring to the recently released music video of her estranged husband, Jason Marvin Hernandez, titled “Ikaw Pa Rin.” According to interpretations by netizens, the song seems to be Jason’s plea for a second chance with Moira.

Moira’s sister, J’Mee Dela Torre, reacted to the song, finding it amusing and criticizing the use of their wedding video clips for “clout chasing.” However, if one were to visit J’Mee’s Twitter account, it is stated as “Does not exist,” indicating that the account may have been deactivated or deleted.

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