Forty Winks Meaning & Sentence Examples

Forty Winks Definition, Sentence Examples

FORTY WINKS MEANING – Find out what forty winks really mean. Example sentences of this idiomatic expression can also be found here.

In his self-help book, The Art of Invigorating and prolonging life, Dr. William Kitchiner, an optician and telescope inventor, first used the phrase: “A forty winks nap in a horizontal posture, is the best preparative for any extraordinary exertion of either.”

F. Scott Fitzgerald wanted to emphasize that forty winks was the ideal quantity of sleep for a nap. Take forty winks, and when you wake up everything will be alright, said Roger Halsey to his wife Gretchen in Scott Fitzgerald’s short story “Gretchen’s Forty Winks,” which was published on March 15, 1924.


Forty Winks Meaning:

  • sleep for a while, mostly during the day
  • a nap
  • a snooze
  • put your head down

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Here are examples of sentences that use forty winks:

  1. I wonder how people can get forty winks when they are on the train.
  2. Christopher always likes to catch forty winks after dinner.
  3. Harry generally has forty winks going to work early in the morning on the bus.
  4. The mayor caught the security guard while taking forty winks on duty.

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