Toni Gonzaga’s Husband Paul Soriano Allegedly “Nagwala” During Press Conference for Vanessa Hudgens

Paul Soriano allegedly made a scene during the press conference for Vanessa Hudgens

PAUL SORIANO – The Presidential Adviser for Creative Communications and husband of actress-television host Toni Gonzaga has found himself in hot water again after he reportedly mistreated members of the media during a press conference for Vanessa Hudgens.

The 34-year-old Filipino-American High School Musical star is in the country as she tries to make a documentary about her Filipino heritage. She was recently appointed by President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. as Global Tourism Ambassador to the Philippines.

It was just recently when she had a press conference. But according to reports from various news websites, including Bilyonaryo, Soriano abruptly ended the press conference while members of the press were waiting in line to interview Hudgens. Soriano allegedly ranted during the event, making derogatory comments about the press and deciding to end the conference prematurely.

Credit: Palawan News

One of the members of the press who was supposed to interview Hudgens was Christine Jacob of CNN Philippines. Soriano’s decision to end the conference left Jacob and her colleagues surprised by his actions, while they praised Hudgens and her family for their accommodating nature during the interviews.

Reports also suggest that Soriano may have ended the press conference early to give his wife, Toni Gonzaga, an exclusive interview with Hudgens. As of this writing, Soriano has not released a statement regarding the incident. It remains unknown how he will respond to the backlash from members of the press and the public, who may see his actions as disrespectful and unprofessional.

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