Rendon Labador Proud After P100 Per Cup of Rice at His Resto Became Popular Online

Rendon Labador: “MOTIVATIONAL RICE!!! Pilitin mong umangat sa buhay hanggang sa ma afford mo.”

RENDON LABADOR – The infamous motivational speaker took a unique approach to address the criticisms hurled towards the pricing of rice at his restaurant, Episode Bar + Kitchen.

It was recently brought to light by a customer’s post that a single cup of pandan rice costs a whopping P100 at the restaurant, causing an uproar online. However, instead of taking the typical approach of explaining the pricing, Rendon decided to use the opportunity to inspire and motivate people.

He has renamed the rice to ‘motivational rice,’ and encourages people to work hard so that they can eventually afford it. He said he will personally serve the rice to his customers to celebrate their achievements, saying, “SEE YOU AT THE TOP!!! Thank you for making THE MOTIVATIONAL RICE “The Number 1 Rice In The Philippines.”

Rendon Labador
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Rendon sees the rice as a symbol of perseverance and determination, and urges people not to complain about the pricing just because they cannot afford it. He believes that the common Filipino mentality is to make excuses and blame others for their failures, and he wants to change this by motivating people to strive for success and improve their standards.

He challenges people to raise their standards and use the pricing of the rice as a motivation to work harder and achieve greater success. As of writing, his posts have garnered thousands of reactions online, proving that his unique approach to addressing the issue has struck a chord with many people.

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