Netizens Say “Sana All” on Jelai Andres Instant Vacation Invitation to Buboy Villar

Instant vacation invitation of Jelai Andres to Buboy Villar

JELAI ANDRES – The model-vlogger Jelai Andres has gone viral after she spontaneously invited her best friend, actor Buboy Villar, on a vacation.

Buboy recently shared a screenshot of a hilarious conversation he had with Jelai, where she invited him to join her on a vacation. To his surprise, Jelai informed him that their flight was scheduled for the same day, leaving Buboy taken aback by the unexpected getaway.

Buboy shared the amusing exchange on social media with a caption that said, “At eto nanaman nga tayo oh! Pag may Jelai Andres ka talagang friend ready dapat lagi ang maleta eh”. Many netizens found Buboy’s post amusing, with some commenting “sana all” in the hopes of having a friend like Jelai, and others expressing their desire for their friends to be as spontaneous as her in planning trips.

This is not the first time Jelai invited a friend spontaneously to go on a vacation. Previously, Francis Valle Suayan, popularly known as Dyosa Pockoh, shared an amusing conversation he had with Jelai on Facebook. Dyosa, who is also a close friend of Jelai’s, shared a portion of their conversation in which Jelai invited him to go to Thailand.

In the first part of their convo, Jelai asked Dyosa about his location, and when he replied that he was in Batangas, Jelai immediately invited him to Thailand and even offered to pay for his expenses. The social media personality was caught off guard by Jelai’s spontaneous invitation.

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