Additional Paid Vacation Leave Raffled Off During Christmas Party

During a Christmas party, an additional paid vacation leave was raffled off by a company

VACATION LEAVE FOR RAFFLE – An additional five (5) days paid vacation leave has been raffled off during a Christmas party of a homegrown company.

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Being a predominantly Catholic nation, the Philippines is renowned for having the world’s longest Christmas celebration. Many families begin hanging Christmas trees and lanterns in the corners of their homes from the beginning of September.

One of the most awaited events during the yuletide season are Christmas parties that has taken place almost everywhere in the country. Of course, a raffle should never be out of place. In its holiday raffle, a Filipino cosmetics company offered its personnel the chance to win additional paid vacation leave.

The CEO of Colourette, Nina Cabrera, stated on LinkedIn that granting five extra paid vacation days to three employees was one of the raffle prizes during the company’s holiday party. The extra days are available to the winners at any point in 2023.

“We should give out more of these next year!,” she posted on Facebook. On TikTok, she also shared a video of the raffle that garnered more than 8,000 likes.

In the Philippines, if a worker has worked for a company for at least a year, they are entitled to five days of paid leave per year, which can be used for vacation or sick time. However, many businesses offer more than this. In contrast, workers in the US do not have any nationally mandated paid leave rights,

Colourette, which Cabrera founded in 2015, claims to have “hundreds” of employees.

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