Malaysian Couple Surprises 5-Year-Old Daughter with Luxury Car to Motivate her to Go to School

To motivate their daughter to go to school, a Malaysian couple surprises her with a luxury car

LUXURY CAR FOR MOTIVATION – A Malaysian couple has caught the attention of netizens after surprising their young daughter with a luxury car to motivate her in her studies.

In a TikTok video that went viral earlier this month, Farhana Zahra and her husband can be seen asking their daughter, Fatima, what she wanted as a gift for her birthday. To their surprise, Fatima gave them two options: a Mercedes G Wagon or a BMW car.

But in a recent clip shared on TikTok, the parents fulfilled their daughter’s birthday wish and gifted her a Mercedes SUV, but with a condition – she must attend school. The car was placed in a transparent trailer adorned with heart balloons and ribbons, making it an extravagant birthday surprise.

luxury car

Farhana, in the caption of the video, expressed how happy her daughter was with the gift, as Fatima couldn’t stop holding the car key. The TikTok post received mixed reactions from netizens, with some congratulating the parents for their generosity, while others found it excessive and materialistic.

Despite not being able to drive the car yet, Fatima’s parents hope that this extravagant gift will serve as a motivation for her to excel in her studies and pursue her dream of becoming a doctor in the future.


Happy birthday Nur Fatima Az zahra yang ke 5 ❤️❤️❤️ happy dia dapat G Wagon yang dia nak, sampai dia asyik mintak nak pegang kunci je hahaha

♬ original sound – Farhana Zahra

While some netizens may have differing opinions on the couple’s decision to gift their daughter a luxury car at a young age, it is clear that the parents have gone to great lengths to motivate their child in her education. Whether or not this approach to motivation is seen as appropriate, it raises questions about the values and priorities of modern society.

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