Jelyn Dablo’s Husband Appeals to Content Creators to Respect the Memory of his Late Wife

Here’s the message of Jelyn Dablo’s husband to content creators

JK DABLO – The husband of the well-known online seller Jelyn Dablo, has appealed to content creators to stop making videos about his late wife.

In a Facebook post, JK expressed his disappointment with some content creators who featured the story of his wife, who passed away after battling endometrial cancer for five years.

JK, who had initially shared the news of his wife’s passing with netizens, stated that some content creators had misled the public and altered facts about Jelyn’s death. He accused them of profiting from views, likes, and subscriptions on their channels and pages at the expense of his late wife’s memory.

Jelyn Dablo
Credit to the rightful owner of the photos

JK emphasized that his family and his wife are not for entertainment and should not be treated as clowns for others’ gain. He pleaded with content creators not to make a living out of his family’s misery and to stop using his wife’s tragic story for their own benefit.

According to JK, the videos created by these content creators have had a detrimental impact on his wife’s image. He claimed that they had used Jelyn’s lifeless body on the cover of their videos as clickbait to gain fame and money, which deeply hurt him and his family.

Meanwhile, Jelyn Dablo had gained attention from millions of netizens before her passing when she publicly admitted that her unhealthy lifestyle may have contributed to her illness. She had acknowledged her lack of focus on healthy eating, relying on instant foods and rarely consuming fruits and vegetables, and warned others about the consequences of poor dietary choices on our bodies.

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