PLDT and Smart Communications To Curb Piracy In PH

PLDT and Smart Chief Information Security Officer Angel T. Redoble: “This anti-piracy campaign won’t be different.”

PLDT AND SMART – After blocking online predators and scammers in the Philippines, PLDT Inc. and Smart Communications Inc. intend to curb piracy using the same capability.

On Tuesday, PLDT and Smart Communications Chief Information Security Officer Angel T. Redoble announced that what the PLDT Group does to block illegal sites on the web can be extended in order to prevent the spread of illegal copies of copyrighted materials.

Manila Bulletin reported that PLDT has blocked “more than 1 billion attempts” to CSAEM, in addition to phishing and scamming websites.

PLDT Smart

Redoble said that the company’s anti-piracy campaign “won’t be different”.

We can block on the domain level, just as we can block on the content level,” Redoble confirmed. “This anti-piracy campaign won’t be different. You can just send the site that you want us to block.

Redoble also said that they can block the whole domain if the site is focused mainly on piracy. However, he said that they can’t block the entire site when there’s content that violates anti-piracy regulations uploaded on a legitimate site.

According to Redoble, they can be accused of “denial of service” or preventing legitimate users from accessing a legitimate site.

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Citing data from the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, Manila Bulletin reported that overall, Philippine internet users registered “more than 564 million visits” to music piracy sites between 2020 and 2021.

e-video piracy in the country, on the other hand, has grown to 20 million users in 2022 with revenue leakage of USD 781 million.

Redoble conceded that blocking both illegal content and websites is reactive and it’s “not sustainable” as it’s likely that cybercriminals will move to another site after blocking the illegal site. He also said that there has to be a “sustainable” way of doing it.

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