Generous Vendor Earns Praises for Giving Free Snacks to Students w/ Perfect Scores

Generous Vendor Gives Free Snacks to Students w/ Perfect Scores on Exams

A generous vendor goes viral and receives online praise for providing free snacks to students who received perfect grades on their examinations.

Netizens have been praising Nanay Livy after her gimmick of giving free snacks to students who achieved perfect scores in their exams went viral. According to Jessiel, her daughter, this is her mother’s way of motivating students to do their best in their exams.

Nanay Livy’s initiative has garnered positive reactions from netizens, with many calling her a blessing to students.

Generous Vendor

In a time when many students struggle with the challenges of online learning and the pressure to excel academically, the simple act of receiving free snacks can go a long way in boosting their morale and motivating them to continue to work hard.

“They call her ‘Nanay’ and as a mother who wishes the best for her children, she motivates them to do their best, especially in their studies. Whenever they visit our mini snack store, she would remind them to behave, listen to their teacher, study well, and be good students,” Nanay Livy’s daughter Jessiel Gedoria said.

Nanay Livy’s initiative not only rewards academic excellence but also instills values such as hard work and determination in students. It also highlights the importance of community support in uplifting and encouraging students to achieve their goals.

Generous Vendor

“Just yesterday, when their exam results [came] out, she started a new ‘gimmick’ to motivate her suking estudyante. The first 20 perfect exam scorers get a free snack from Nanay Livy!” Jessiel added.

Generous Vendor

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