Doc Adam Takes Swipe at Rendon Labador Over ‘Motivational Rice’

Here’s the comment of Doc Adam on “motivational rice” of Rendon Labador

DOC ADAM – The medical doctor and content creator took a swipe at the motivational rice of infamous social media influencer Rendon Labador.

Doc Adam, or Adam Smith in real life, is an Australian-British medical doctor and content creator who has gained popularity on social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. He is known for his informative and entertaining videos about health and wellness, as well as his travel vlogs.

The content creator has a large following in the Philippines, where he is often seen collaborating with local personalities and promoting healthcare initiatives.

Doc Adam and Rendon Labador
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Recently, he went to Facebook wherein he gave a reaction to Rendon Labador’s “motivational rice”. Doc Adam expressed confusion about how a 100-peso serving of rice in Rendon’s sports resto bar can be considered motivational.

He questioned the logic of spending more money on rice when cheaper alternatives are available. He also found it strange to be motivated to be rich enough to waste money on rice.

However, in a separate Facebook post, Doc Adam seems to have understood the concept behind Rendon’s expensive rice, which is to address diabetes and obesity in the Philippines. He thanked Rendon for his efforts and sacrifice and acknowledged that he is the only one who can solve this problem.

Rendon has yet to respond to Doc Adam’s remarks. This is not the first time that Doc Adam has commented on Rendon’s business.

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