Alex Calleja Refuses to Promote Gambling: “Sisirain niyan ang buhay niyo”

Alex Calleja reveals he was offered to promote gambling; Here’s why he declined

ALEX CALLEJA – The stand-up comedian revealed that he turned down offers to promote online gambling on social media, citing his past struggles with gambling addiction.

Alex Calleja is a stand-up comedian. He is known for his witty humor and observational comedy that often pokes fun at Filipino culture and society. He has appeared in various comedy shows and events in the country and has also been featured in television and radio programs.

Calleja is also a writer, having published a book entitled “Lakas Tawa” which contains a collection of his comedic works. In recent years, he has been active on social media, particularly on Twitter where he shares his opinions on various topics and interacts with his fans.

Alex Calleja
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Recently, he went to the microblogging site, Twitter wherein he expressed his objection on gambling. Calleja admitted to spending most of his time in casinos in the past and losing a significant amount of money. However, in 2019, he decided to make a change and quit all of his vices, including gambling, smoking, and drinking.

Despite being offered money to endorse online gambling, Calleja refused, saying that he was against it, especially with the rise of online gambling that can be done anywhere, anytime. He also urged netizens to stay away from gambling, emphasizing that it would only ruin their lives and their families.

Netizens praised Calleja for his honesty and encouraged others to follow his lead in turning away from vices and promoting a healthier lifestyle. They also criticized influencers who continued to promote online gambling, saying that they were only in it for the commissions and were not thinking about the harmful effects on their followers.

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