2 Women Fight Inside Passenger Jeep in Cebu

In Cebu, 2 women fight while inside a passenger jeep

CEBU – Two women were captured on cam fighting each other while they are inside a passenger jeep.

Fighting inside jeepneys is not uncommon in the Philippines, particularly in densely populated urban areas where jeepneys are a common mode of transportation. However, it is important to note that fighting inside any form of public transportation is not acceptable and can endanger the safety of passengers.

If you witness a fight inside a jeepney, it is important to stay calm and avoid getting involved in the altercation. Instead, try to alert the driver or conductor and ask them to intervene. If necessary, you can also call the police or authorities to report the incident.


It is also important to remember to be respectful and considerate of other passengers while riding public transportation. Avoid engaging in any behavior that may escalate tensions, and always follow proper etiquette and rules while riding jeepneys or any other form of public transportation.

Speaking of which, in Cebu City, there was a physical altercation between two women inside a passenger jeepney, which was recorded and has since gone viral. The video shows the two women kicking each other and throwing plastic bottles of mineral water.

Despite the attempts of other passengers to intervene, the women continued to fight. The police are currently investigating the incident, and the women involved could potentially be charged with alarm and scandal. It is unclear at this time who the women are, as they have not been identified.

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