Salon in Pampanga Pays Customers for Getting Haircut

Pampanga salon pays cusotmers for getting haircut

PAMPANGA – A salon in the province is paying customers who would like their hair to be cut.

A haircut is a simple but transformative act that can change a person’s appearance and boost their confidence. It involves trimming or cutting one’s hair to achieve a desired style or length. Haircuts have been around for centuries and have played a significant role in different cultures and societies.

Aside from aesthetic purposes, haircuts also have practical applications. For instance, they can improve scalp health and promote hair growth by getting rid of split ends and damaged hair. Regular haircuts are also essential for maintaining a neat and professional appearance in certain industries, such as the military or corporate settings.

Getting a haircut can be a relaxing experience for some, while it can be nerve-wracking for others. It’s essential to communicate with the hairstylist or barber to ensure that they understand your desired outcome. A good hairstylist or barber can make all the difference in achieving the look that you want.

Meanwhile, customers who visit a salon in Pampanga have the opportunity to earn money in exchange for their haircuts. The reason behind this unusual offer is because the salon owner, Nelly Vetters, uses the hair to create hair extensions.

Pampanga salon

Nelly’s hair extension business is dependent on the length, thickness, and quality of the hair, which determines the amount she is willing to pay for it. For instance, Nelly bought hair that was as long as 35 inches for a total of P6,500. The hair of good quality that measures 15 inches costs P800.

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