Salon in Bulacan Offers Free Videoke While Customers are Getting a Haircut

Bulan salon offers free videoke for customers

FREE VIDEOKE – Customers in a salon in Bulacan will get to enjoy a free karaoke session while they are getting a haircut.

videoke at salon
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Since then, singing has become a central part of pop culture in the Philippines. Events such as reunions, outings, birthday parties, or holidays are never complete without karaoke.

It doesn’t matter if the person isn’t as great as Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, and to name a few as long as the singer gets to enjoy the vibes and indulge in the music.

Apparently, not all Filipinos have the talent for singing. But why some are so good? It’s probably because of the culture since most families have their own karaoke machine at home. In this manner, they might enhance their voice and possibly become good at singing.

Karaoke booths can be found almost anywhere in the Philippines such as in malls, stalls, bars and etc.

They are used as additional “pakulo” or service to customers.

In fact, a beauty parlor or salon in Pulilan, Bulacan offers a free videoke for customers while they are getting their hair cut.

Accordingly, the haircut is free if the customer is good or has a talent for singing.

Kim Peralta, the owner of the salon, said that she likes music so she installed a videoke in her salon.

In this way, her customers would not be bored while getting a haircut.

Aside from the videoke, her salon sometimes offers a raffle or free haircut.

“Pag May talent libre na,” she quipped.

Watch the report tin the video below:

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