Run For Cover Meaning & Sentence Examples

Run For Cover Definition, Sentence Examples

RUN FOR COVER MEANING – Find out what run for cover really means. Example sentences of this idiomatic expression can also be found here.

Although the phrase’s origin is unknown, it quickly became well-known after Nicholas Ray’s 1955 western film “Run for Cover” came out.

Afterward, the phrase appeared in the titles and lyrics of numerous successful songs.


Run For Cover Meaning:

  • to look for safety
  • sprint to a warm, dry location
  • typically to escape severe weather
  • In a combat zone, it’s also used to refer to leaving for a safe location.
  • or any location that is under attack or bombing
  • to try to protect yourself from a terrible circumstance or from criticism

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Here are examples of sentences that use run for cover:

  1. I hate my father-in-law I am running for cover from him.
  2. My cat runs for cover if you shout at it a bit.
  3. James and Brandon ran for cover as soon as they heard the forecast of the hurricane on their way.
  4. Thomas runs for cover as he’s pranked by a creepy buffoon.

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