Fit As A Fiddle Meaning & Sentence Examples

Fit As A Fiddle Definition, Sentence Examples

FIT AS A FIDDLE MEANING – Find out what fit as a fiddle really means. Example sentences of this idiomatic expression can also be found here.

Stringed instruments, particularly the violin, are referred to as the “fiddle,” and they had to be maintained in good shape (fit). The phrase was documented in a book entitled English-men for my Money, written in the year 1616 by Haughton William.

Fit As A Fiddle Meaning 1

Fit As A Fiddle Meaning:

  • a very healthy individual
  • in excellent health
  • very healthy and fit
  • healthy and active
  • a powerful person

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Here are examples of sentences that use fit as a fiddle:

  1. Gina had fallen very ill, but with rest and medication, she is now fit as a fiddle.
  2. That man is 60 years old but he’s running like a 20-year-old! He is as fit as a fiddle.
  3. My grandma is 80 years old, but she is as fit as a fiddle.
  4. After a refreshing vacation by the sea, I now feel fit as a fiddle.

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