Boil The Ocean Meaning & Sentence Examples

Boil The Ocean Definition, Sentence Examples

BOIL THE OCEAN MEANING – Find out what boil the ocean really means. Example sentences of this idiomatic expression can also be found here.

The phrase “boil the ocean” originated during World War I. (1800). When asked how the US should handle the German U-boat situation, Will Rogers simply said, “Let the ocean be boiled.” A reporter questioned how this could be accomplished. Will Rogers responded, “Man, I’m just the idea,” in response.

The American humorist Will Rogers is credited with coining the expression “Boil the Ocean,” which purportedly asserted that the only way to defeat German U-boats during World War I was to boil the ocean. The U-boats will turn pink and rise to the surface, he claimed, if you simply boil the waters.


Boil The Ocean Meaning:

  • attempting a difficult task or activity.
  • making a task, assignment, or piece of work unnecessarily difficult.

The term “boiling the ocean” has a number of similar meanings. The concept is as straightforward as this: Imagine being instructed to boil an entire ocean. Where do you begin? How do you begin? That is undeniably a challenging and hard undertaking.

As a result, the phrase “boiling the ocean” alludes to an impossibility. It refers to something that is so difficult or complicated that it is difficult to know where to begin or how to proceed.

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Here are examples of sentences that use boil the ocean:

  1. Instead of attempting to boil the ocean, limit the list to three to four actionable categories.
  2. Instead of attempting to boil the entire ocean, perhaps we might focus on just a few specific locations.
  3. Do not “boil the ocean” in your attempt by trying to address too many business concerns and theories at once.

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