Rider Captured via Google Maps Doing a Wheelie: “Salamat sa Pitik Google Map”

Motorcycle rider captured doing a wheelie via Google Maps

GOOGLE MAPS – A motorcycle rider was captured via the web-based mapping service of Google doing a wheelie.

Google Maps has become an essential tool for navigating the world, but it has also captured some hilarious moments that have made people laugh out loud. From strange sightings to amusing animals, here are some of the funniest captures of Google Maps.

One of the funniest captures of Google Maps is the “car in a tree” in Germany. The street view image shows a car perched on top of a tall tree, as if it had been magically placed there. The image quickly went viral and became a popular meme online.

Another funny capture of Google Maps is the “giant rubber duck” in Hong Kong. The street view image shows a massive inflatable duck floating in the harbor, which had been installed as part of a public art project. The image quickly became a sensation on social media and inspired similar installations in other cities around the world.

While these captures may have been unexpected, they add a fun and entertaining element to Google Maps. They also remind us that there is always something new and unusual to discover in the world around us.

Speaking of which, a man doing wheelie, a trick or maneuver whereby a bicycle or motorcycle is ridden for a short distance with the front wheel raised off the ground, which was also captured by Google Maps has delighted the netizens.

In the photo reposted by Pampanga Motorparts Supply – PANG MASA Facebook page, the rider can be seen doing the stunt along the highway. As expected, the snap earned mixed reactions from the netizens. Here are the comments:

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