Puregold Issues Official Statement on ‘Tatay’ Accused by Head of Security of “Stealing”

Official statement of Puregold on background actor accused by head of security of stealing

PUREGOLD – The supermarket chain issued a statement on the viral video of a background actor who was accused by the head of security of Muntinlupa branch of stealing.

It was just recently when a certain Marco Neri Yutuc, a background actor who appears on FPJ’s Batang Quiapo, posted two videos on Facebook explaining to the head of the security that he did not took anything from the store.

At one point, he showed all the stuff inside his bag. Apparently, the head of security, was not able to find something in it which she presumed to have been stolen.

Credit to the rightful owner of the photos

Then, the actor demanded an apology from the head of security. Although she did apologize to him, some netizens think that she’s not sincere in her apology. She can even be seen crossing her arms.

According to Marco, what he purchased from the supermarket is a brand of deodorant. He even showed the receipt of the item he bought. He noted that he only carried an empty bottle of deodorant as a referrence to the deodorant he bought.

In the last part of the video, he warned to public to be aware of the supermarket chain because they might experience as such. In a separate clip, he stressed that at 60-years-old, it was his first time to be accused of stealing.

Meanwhile, Puregold has issued a statement to address the issue. Here’s the official statement of the supermarket chain:

Marco Neri Yutuc has yet to give any reaction on the statement of Puregold.

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  1. Ganun lng? Malabnaw ang statement. Hindi na-adress mabuti yung nangyari kay Tatay. Ano resulta ng investigation?? At least dapat ibinalik na lang ang binayad ni Tatay o kaya personal na kinausap si Tatay at personal na humingi ng pasensya.


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