Palawan Town Mayor & Councilor Argued About Long Flag Ceremony

Palawan Town Mayor & Councilor Debates About Lengthy Flag Ceremony Every Monday

Mayor Gerandy Danao and councilor Joel Bito-Onon argued about the lengthy flag ceremony in their municipality in Palawan.

The flag ceremony is a time-honored tradition that has been a part of Philippine culture for many years. It is an important occasion for all Filipinos, as it symbolizes patriotism, love of country, and respect for the nation’s identity.

This is why government officials are required to attend the flag ceremony, as it is a way for them to show their loyalty to the country and their commitment to public service.

Flag Ceremony

Recently, a concern was expressed by a councilor from Narra Palawan regarding the lengthy flag ceremony that is held every Monday in front of their municipal building. During his privileged speech, Joel Bito-Onon lambasted other Narra officials for spending too much time on the flag ceremony.

The flag ceremony in Narra lasts till nine in the morning, and Bito-Onon stated in an interview that he thinks this has an impact on the quality of service provided to their constituents.

“Yung mga empleyado nakatayo doon sa flag ceremony nasa initan, ang iba diyan hindi pa nakakapag-almusal, ‘yung iba masama ang pakiramdam,” Bito-Onon said.

Flag Ceremony

In response to Bito-Onon’s complaint, Narra Mayor Gerandy Danao stated that they were obligated to conduct a flag ceremony every Monday.

“May masama ba sa flag raising ceremony? Normal lang na magreport tayo dahil sinuswelduhan tayo ng taumbayan dapat alam nila ang mga ginagawa natin at hindi naman tayo inaabot ng hanggang alas-dyes ng tanghali kalokohan ‘yun…,” Danao said.

According to Section 18 of Republic Act (RA) No. 8491, also known as the Flag and Heraldic Code of the Philippines, all government offices and educational institutions are required to participate in the Observance/Conduct of Flag Raising Ceremonies every Monday morning and Flag Lowering Ceremonies every Friday afternoon.

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