Kira Balinger Breaks Silence on Accusation of Kelvin Miranda’s Ex-GF: “Hindi ako kabit!”

Kira Balinger speaks on accusation she’s the third party in the breakup of Kelvin Miranda and his ex-girlfriend

KIRA BALINGER – For the first time, the actress has responded to the accusation that she was the third party in the breakup of Kelvin Miranda and his non-showbiz girlfriend.

Kira is a homegrown actress of Star Magic, the talent management arm of ABS-CBN, while Kelvin is a homegrown actor of Sparkle, the talent management arm of GMA-7. On January 6, 2023, Kelvin’s ex-girlfriend, Roselle Vytiaco, disclosed Kelvin’s alleged cheating on her.

Roselle directly pointed to Kira as the other woman. Roselle released screenshots of flirty messages between Kelvin and Kira, who are co-stars in the upcoming movie “Poon.” According to Roselle, the two artists were together from December 11-19, 2022, during the lock-in shoot, and then had communication via Instagram Direct Message. The screenshots of Kira and Kelvin’s conversation went viral because of Roselle’s public disclosure.

Kira Balinger and Kelvin Miranda
Credit to the rightful owner of the photos

Last March 21, 2023, interviewed Kira after the intimate presscon for Maple Leaf Dreams. Kira did not back down when asked about the accusation that she was the third party. She calmly but firmly stated that she was not third party.

Kira stressed that she had nothing to do with whatever happened between Kelvin and his ex-girlfriend, and if there is somebody Roselle should talk to, it should be him.

Kira clarified that there was no romantic involvement between her and Kelvin except for their exchange of messages. Kira admitted that she got angry with Kelvin because she was dragged into the controversy because according to her she was innocent.

She did not know that Kelvin had a girlfriend when they exchanged messages. Kira apologized for her mistake in entertaining Kelvin and took accountability for her actions. Kira and Kelvin are still friends but only on a professional level.

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