Ronnie Alonte Admits Cheating on Loisa Andalio ‘Multiple Times’ in Their Almost 7 Years

In their almost 7 years, Ronnie Alonte admitted he cheated on Loisa Andalio “multiple times”

RONNIE ALONTE – The actor admitted during his guesting on “Magandang Buhay” that he cheated on his girlfriend Loisa Andalio “multiple times” in their almost seven years as a couple.

Loisa Andalio and Ronnie Alonte
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Cheating is one of the reasons why couples tend to break up. There are two reasons why people cheat.

The first reason is that a person is just shallow and selfish and needs to be gratified constantly. The second reason is that the relationship is failing to provide sufficient intimacy and desire. In the end, the betrayed partner gets severe damage in the process.

In their seven years being in a relationship, Ronnie Alonte confessed that his girlfriend Loisa Andalio had caught him cheating multiple times. At some point, they decided to part ways and the actor consider those moments as a “karma.”

“Ang dami niyang nahuli sa akin. Ilang babae ang nahuli mo? Alam niya. Nahuli niya ako. So naramdaman ko ‘yung feeling kung gaano kasakit yung ganung pakiramdam,” he said.

Ronnie Alonte admitted that he was wrong when he did not clarify to his colleagues that he and Loisa are in a relationship. He also kept it hidden from the women linked to him. In the same interview, he plead to their fans (LoiNie) not to bash them.

Ronnie declared that Loisa is the person he wants to spend the rest of his life with as they get closer to their seventh anniversary. Alonte said he will always be with her no matter what when asked about his commitment to Andalio.

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