Parokya ni Edgar Confirms Boss Toyo Is Winner of Band’s Auction For “Bagsakan” Polo, “Halina sa Parokya” Puppets

Parokya ni Edgar: “Di ko na siguro kailangan pangalanan kung sino. Panay yung tag sa kanya sa comments e.”

PAROKYA NI EDGAR – The OPM band recently confirmed that Boss Toyo is the winner of the auction for the band’s original memorabilia.

Boss Toyo and Parokya ni Edgar vocalist Chito Miranda
Photo: Chito Miranda / Facebook

Boss Toyo released a “Pinoy Pawnstars” vlog where he met Parokya’s vocalist Chito Miranda.

To recall, it was last February 20, 2023 when the band announced that the final bid for Chito Miranda’s “Bagsakan” polo is PHP 150,000, while the final bid for the “Halina sa Parokya” puppets is PHP 85,000.

At that time, the band said that both bids have been confirmed and the “winner” has opted to stay anonymous. Netizens then noticed that the word “genggeng” appeared in the screen-captured photos posted by the band.

Sa genggeng pa lang alams na kung sino,” one of the netizens said in the comments section of the band’s post.

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It was last February 23 when Boss Toyo released the new episode of “Pinoy Pawnstars” where he met Chito Miranda. Boss Toyo also shared that it’s his first time meeting him in person.

As seen in the video, he let Chito sign the band’s original memorabilia that he won from the auction.

On Facebook, Parokya ni Edgar thanked Boss Toyo for buying the band’s original memorabilia through an auction.

Parokya ni Edgar also revealed that Boss Toyo also bought Gloc-9’s “Bagsakan” polo, bought “Harana” Langaw prop, and bought Typecast signed acoustic guitar through an auction.

Maraming-maraming salamat sa nanalo sa auction ng Chito Bagsakan Polo and Chito Matsing, Mr. Suave Halina Puppets,” the band said in a Facebook post. “Di ko na siguro kailangan pangalanan kung sino. Panay yung tag sa kanya sa comments e.

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