Maymay Entrata Pens Sweet Message For Boyfriend On His Birthday

Maymay Entrata to her boyfriend: “Thank you for being my partner, and true love”

MAYMAY ENTRATA – The singer-actress recently shared a sweet message for her Canada-based boyfriend on his birthday.

Maymay Entrata and Aaron Haskell
Photo: Maymay Entrata / Instagram

Maymay’s boyfriend celebrated his birthday last February 14, 2023.

On Tuesday, the singer-actress posted a photo collage on her social media account along with a heartfelt birthday message for her boyfriend Aaron Haskell to mark his special day.

Describing her boyfriend as “the most handsome, humble, wise, and patient man” she knows, she greeted him not only on his birthday but also on Valentine’s Day. She also told him that he has an amazing way of making her feel beautiful and cherished even during challenging and tough moments.

According to her, his unwavering commitment to helping her heal and grow from past traumas is a testament to his deep love and devotion.

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Maymay went on to tell her boyfriend that she’s grateful for his steadfast support and respect for all that she does, adding that his love for her is a true reflection of God’s love. She also thanked God for blessing her through her partner.

Our journey together in faith is a beautiful blessing, and experiencing true love, peace, and joy with you is more precious than any material wealth,” she wrote. “Thank you for being my partner, and true love.

To recall, it was last February 2022 when Maymay first introduced her boyfriend to the public.

The singer-actress previously said that despite being based in different countries, she and her Canada-based boyfriend have committed to make their relationship work.

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