Boy Tapang Reveals Truth About Relationship with LJ Satterfield: “MANGGAGAMIT”

Here’s the truth about the relationship of Boy Tapang and LJ Satterfield

BOY TAPANG – The content creator has finally revealed the truth about his relationship with Filipina-American vlogger LJ Satterfield.

Boy Tapang and LJ Satterfield
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The two are currently making rounds online after the truth behind their romance had been exposed.

To recall, it was just last month when Boy Tapang, whose real name is Ronnie Suan, introduced his girlfriend. They were even featured on Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (KMJS) wherein they shared how their love story started.

But their blooming romance made netizens think that it’s on the rocks following a cryptic post of the male vlogger on February 14, Valentine’s Day. In a post, he noted: “Pag may mawawala may dadating Happy Valentines Day sa lahat!”

His cryptic post became one of the trending topics on social media. There were even some who claimed that they have broken up. Now, the truth about them have been exposed.

Boy Tapang recently took to social media to share his conversation with Satterfield. He claims that he was the one who first messaged LJ because he was blown away by the beauty of the female vlogger. He even admitted to having feelings for her.

Ronnie Suan claimed he had no idea she had a boyfriend. He even asked LJ if she had a boyfriend, which she initially denied. Satterfield eventually admitted that she’s already in a relationship after Boy Tapang confessed that he’s in love with her.

In a separate post, he stressed that he was only used by Satterfield: “Klarohin ko lang. HINDI AKO ANG NAGBIGAY NG BULAKLAK NA YAN. so alam niyo na? kapal ng mukha noh? nag pa as if pa na ako ang nagpadala. ano ibig sabihin dyan? MANGGAGAMIT”, he noted.

Meanwhile, the Filipina-American vlogger has already reacted on the revelations of Boy Tapang. She also confirmed that their apparent romance was only for “content.”

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