Bela Padilla Speaks On “Simple” Life In London

Bela Padilla: “I am living my life slowly and I like that”

BELA PADILLA – The actress recently opened up about her “simple” life in London.

Bela Padilla
Photo: Bela Padilla / Instagram

It was last November 2021 when the actress announced through her social media account that she has moved to London.

Bela shared in an interview with the media for her new movie “Spellbound” about the reason why she decided to relocate to another country. According to her, she saw it as an opportunity to discover herself and to live her life.

She explained that she felt like she hasn’t fully lived her life as she dedicated her life too much to her characters and her films.

Alam niyo naman ‘pag gumagawa ako ng movie, kung artista ako sa isang project, hindi naman po dun lang ako sa shooting days involved, pati marketing,” she said. “Minsan,  I asked what I can do so I am very involved with my project.

Aside from this, Bela also shared that living a “simple” life in London helped her creatively as a writer.

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Bela also shared the lessons she acquired over the past year. According to her, she learned to give herself time, to allow herself to breathe, and to experience life in the best ways she can or the way she can do it.

The actress was also asked if she will be focusing on acting or writing moving forward.

Ako kasi I think it really depends because I live here [in London],” she said. “Kung lilipad ako pauwi to shoot something, it has to really be something I believe in, that really speaks to me.

To recall, Bela clarified in a YouTube vlog uploaded last December 2021 that she moved to London not solely because she wanted to be closer to her boyfriend Norman Bay, but also for several reasons.

At that time, she shared that one of the reasons why she moved to London was because she felt like the world stopped during the COVID-19 pandemic and she had been looking for something new to do in her life.

I feel like at this point, I will be more productive here. It just makes more sense for me to live here,” Bela said.

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