Traffic Enforcer Loses Job Because of P50 ‘Suhol’

Because of P50 ‘suhol’, a traffic enforcer lost his job

BACOLOD CITY – A traffic enforcer lost his job after receiving a P50 “suhol” from a motorist.

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Traffic is the movement of cars and other land vehicles on the road, whether they are owned by the public, the private sector, or the government. If there is a lot of traffic, there are many vehicles on the road, making it difficult to move around and navigate.

Around the world, traffic is a huge issue, and the Philippines is undoubtedly one of them. In order to somehow pacify the traffic situation in the country, traffic enforcers are hired. They are paid and are not entitled to receive any bribe.

However, because of accepting a P50 “suhol” from a motorist, an enforcer from Bacolod lost his job.

PMaj Junji Liba, the head of the Bacolod Traffic Authority Office (BTAO), spoke with the program Bullseye on 96.7XFM-BACOLOD and has recommended that the said traffic enforcer be fired. Liba went on to say that the traffic enforcer admitted that he was given something despite not asking for it.

Previously, a video circulated on social media in which the enforcer was seen accepting 50 pesos from the wife of a motorcycle rider. They were allegedly stopped because they were not wearing a helmet.

The enforcer is a city job order (J.O.) who began working at BTAO in July 2022. A J.O. has a monthly salary of P9,990. Becaue of this, Liba reminded the traffic enforcers to be cautious in their work in order to avoid any problem.

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