Skateboarder Almost Gets Hit by Tricycle While Flexing Skating Skills Along the Road

Video of Skateboarder Almost Gets Hit by Tricycle While Flexing Skating Skills Goes Viral

A young skateboarder elicits various reactions online after he was almost hit by a tricycle while flexing skills along the road.

Skateboarding is an action sport that has its roots in the United States and involves riding a skateboard and pulling off tricks. It is also a form of art, a career in the entertainment business, and a mode of transportation.

Many skateboarders over the years have shaped and inspired skateboarding. This sport also encourages young people to avoid or stop using drugs. Skateboarding is also among the sports featured during Olympics.


Skateparks have been built especially for scooters, freestyle BMX riders, aggressive skaters, and skateboarders. Skateboarding, though prohibited, has damaged curbs, stonework, steps, benches, plazas, and parks, and this has caused controversy in certain areas.

The Facebook page “Street unicorn” has shared video footage of a young skateboarder who almost gets hit by a tricycle along the road. The video quickly circulates online and earns reactions from internet users.

In the video, the male teenager appears to perform a skate stunt in a public. He tried to cross the road using a skateboard before performing the student but a tricycle suddenly passed the road.

The tricycle driver nearly hits the young skateboarder but he was able to press the brakes on time. The driver stared at the pasaway teenager and leave the area. However, the kid continues to flex his skating skills as if nothing happened.


The video has a caption:

“Sayang.. d nabuo.”

The online community expressed their reactions to the video:

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