Raffy Tulfo Reveals First Salary as a Senator

How much did Raffy Tulfo make in his first three months as a senator?

RAFFY TULFO – The broadcast journalist-turned-senator revealed his first salary as a senator.

Raffy Tulfo
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Tulfo is considered one of the most popular broadcast journalists in the country. He became known as the “Hari ng public service” because of his program “Wanted sa Radyo.”

He’s also famous on the video-sharing platform, YouTube thanks to his channel, “Raffy Tulfo in Action” which has over 23 million subscribers. In the previous election, he landed the third senatorial spot with more than 23 million votes.

On his YouTube channel, the senator revealed how much he received in his three months working in the Senate. According to Tulfo, his frist salary as a senator reached P541,345.62. But the money won’t go to his pockets because he will fulfill his promise to donate it to charity.

“Ito pong tsekeng ito, kung natatandaan niyo po nung panahon ng kampanya, nag-promise po ako sa inyo na yung first paycheck ko ay ido-donate ko buong-buo sa charity,” he said.

Tulfo personally cashed the check to donate the amount to the National Children’s Hospital and Philippine Children’s Medical Center.

Meanwhile, these are the figures if you’re curious about how much Philippine elected officials, including senators, congressmen, the vice president, and the president, make in a month.

Senators and representatives get between P273,278 and P312,902 per month in compensation. However, if they are assigned to a higher position, such as Senate President or House Speaker, their salary will range from P325,807 to P374, 678.

On the other hand, the Vice President can earn between P325,807 and P374,678 monthly. And the president, who holds the highest office in the Philippine government, receives a monthly salary of between P411,382 and P423,723.

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