Man Fakes His Death to See Who Would Come to His Funeral

Brazillian man fakes his own death to see who would show up during his wake

GONE TOO FAR? – A man from Brazil has earned mixed reactions after faking his death to see who would come to his funeral.

fake death and funeral
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Baltazar Lemos, 60, who served as a “ceremonialist” for a number of funerals, had a photo of a hospital shared on his social media sites on January 9 and announced his passing the following day.

“At the beginning of this sad afternoon, Baltazar Lemos left us. More information coming soon,” the post noted. His loved ones shared their sorrow in the post’s comment section. Some even inquired as to the cause of his passing, but instead only received information regarding his funeral, such as the location and time.

It was on January 18, 2023 when the fictitious funeral was held at a small chapel. During the program, a video of Baltazar reflecting on his life was screened, causing some of his guests to cry. Some of his loved ones started crying, while others were left perplexed, when Baltazar unexpectedly step out of the altar doors. The man then soothed the crowd by explaining that everything had been staged. His visitors thought he went too far.

Baltazar apologized to his family in an interview with a local newspaper in Brazil, explaining that he only did it to find out who would care about him in the event that he passed away.

“I had the idea five months ago. I wanted to make it look like I really died. People interpreted it in their own way. The truth is that I wanted to know who would come to my wake,” he said. “I didn’t tell anyone, because I hoped it would work out. I had no intention of hurting, offending, or causing any harm to anyone. I truly apologize to these people,” he added.

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