Man Breakdown After “Losing” his 4 Dogs at the Airport

After thinking he lost his 4 dogs at the airport, the owner couldn’t help but breakdown

MISSING DOGS? – A furdad broke down after thinking he lost his four (4) dogs while stopping over at an airport in Instanbul, Turkey.

losing dogs in airport
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A man who thought the airline had misplaced his four dogs was shown on camera having a breakdown in the said airport. Eventually, he collapsed to the ground while pleading with staff for assistance. “This is my life! My Children,” he lamented.

An excerpt of his meltdown was posted on the video-sharing platform, TikTok, and it earned more than 8 million views. On the other hand, a full video of the scene was posted on YouTube.

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It appears from the footage that the airline has lost his dogs. He was reportedly traveling to Switzerland with a stopover in Istanbul. At the time, he asked a staff if he could check on his dogs but was turned down, which prompted his outburst. Although it makes reasonable that airlines don’t let passengers see their bags once it has been checked, it is fair that he wanted to see how his pets were doing during the layover.

It can be challenging to fly with a dog, but as some people have noted, it’s not necessarily a good idea to check them as luggage. “They store pets in the baggage area where it’s freezing,” one netizen said. “This is why I’m so skeptical to fly with my dogs in cargo,” another noted.

Fortunately, he was given permission to see his pets, and they all arrived together and safely in Switzerland.

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  1. Shame on these ‘airport officials’
    I’m sick of all the CRIMINALS in authoritative positions. I’m so happy to know his dogs are ok. 🙏🙏🙏🙏


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