Jodi Sta. Maria “Napagalitan” by a Passenger at the Airport After ‘Rescuing’ a Kitten

Jodi Sta. Maria: “Napagalitan pa ako ng isang pasahero…”

JODI STA. MARIA – The actress was “scolded” by a passenger at the airport after “rescuing” a kitten.

Jodi Sta. Maria
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The “Labyu with an Accent” star took to social media wherein she shared her encounter with a passenger at the airport and how she became an instant fur parent after “rescuing” a kitten.

According to Jodi, she noticed the kitten meowing, as if asking people for food. The award-winning actress’ heart was broken when she saw the kitten being hit by the carts of passengers rushing home. At the time, it was raining and she believes that the kitten must have been cold.

At one point, she shared how a passenger scolded her when she stopped the cart of the latter. But she understood the situation because everyone was rushing to get home from their flights. She just told the guy: “Manong pasensya na po may pusa po kasi.”

The guy told her: “Wag nyo kasing iwan kung saan-saan alaga nyo.” The passenger might be unaware that she was Jodi Sta. Maria.

Eventually, she decided to take the poor kitten home. She even named her “Naia” because she found it at the NAIA Terminal 1. She noted that the feline is scheduled for a visit to the veterinarian.

Meanwhile, Jodi Sta. Maria has given an update about her new pet named Naia. According to her, “malakas na kumain compared to when I got her yesterday. She likes to sleep inside this mineral water carton so nilagyan nalang namin ng mat.”

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