Girlfriend on Boyfriend’s Proposal to Marry Her: “Parang nag-aaya lang ‘magkáldo'”

“Parang nag-aaya lang ‘magkáldo'” Girlfriend shares reaction after boyfriend asked to marry him

“PARANG NAG-AAYA LANG ‘MAGKÁLDO'” – A female netizen took to social media wherein she shared her reaction after her boyfriend asked her to marry him in casual way.

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Marriage is the legal union of a couple as spouses. The basic elements of a marriage are the parties’ legal ability to marry each other, mutual consent of the parties, and a marriage contract as required by law.

Some argue that one should marry while still young or in their twenties. Others disagree, claiming that one should marry when he or she is ready. But how can we tell if someone is ready to settle down? Is it only about financial capability, emotional stability or maturity?

However, before a wedding can take place, a proposal must be carried out. It could range from simple to lavish proposals, or even in a casual setting.

Recently, certain Dianne Guarizo took to the social networking site, Facebook wherein she shared an invitation she received from her boyfriend named Jan Cen. In her post, the guy was asking the girl to marry him.

The girl took a screenshot of his message and shared it on social media with the caption: “daw gapanghagad ka lang mangaldo Jan Cen ba”. In Tagalog: “parang nag-aaya lang magkaldo.”

Kaldo, originally from the Spanish word caldo, means broth of pork, fish or vegetable. It can also be associated to “lugaw” such as arroz caldo.

Her post went viral, garnerning mixed reactions from the netizens. Some netizens said they could relate on this casual convo with their partners.

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