Alex Gonzaga Pokes Fun at Cake Incident in Latest Video

Is the latest video of Alex Gonzaga poking fun at cake incident?

ALEX GONZAGA – A video of the actress-vlogger wherein she can be seen as if poking fun at the viral cake incident has surfaced online.

Alex Gonzaga
Credit: Twitter/screengrab

The 35-year-old actress-vlogger is currently making headlines for her birthday-salubong, in which she smeared cake icing on the waiter’s forehead.

Many people apparently didn’t like how she treated the waiter. She’d been called many names, including “walang class,” “bastos,” and “masama ang ugali,” and others had pointed out that what she did was disrespectful to the worker, who was only doing his job.

Rendon Labador, a motivational speaker, and DJ Mo Twister, who called Toni Gonzaga’s sister a “narcissist,” were among those who reacted to her treatment of the waiter.

While the actress has yet to issue a public apology on how she treated the waiter, a video of her retrieved by Fashion Pulis wherein she can be seen as if poking fun at the icing incident has gone viral on social media.

Earlier, Twitter user with handle name @charlenesnroque took to the microblogging site wherein she posted a video of Alex during her birthday celebration. Her post was accompanied by the caption: “No sense of remorse talaga si Alex Gonzaga. Ginawa nanamang joke. Even his uncle mentioned: “Ayan ang dami nila kahit kanino dyan.”

In the video, Alex is seen holding a cake while several servers were singing happy birthday song in a different language in the background. She attempted to tap the cake at one point, as if she wanted to put a piece of it on someone else’s face, similar to her viral video.

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