Tuesday Vargas’s Partner Joseph Puducay Reveals Ailments: “I am in pain 24/7”

In a lenghty post, Joseph Puducay, the partner of Tuesday Vargas, opened up about his ailments

JOSEPH PUDUCAY – The partner of actress-comedienne Tuesday Vargas took to social networking site, Facebook wherein he revealed his ailments.

Tuesday Vargas and Joseph Puducay
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In a lengthy post which he titled “A CHRISTMAS LETTER”, the partner of Vargas shared in details the difficulties he’s going through concerning his health.

According to him, after his PEG insertion that allowed him to have feedings via tube to his stomach, it has become a little harder for him on a daily basis. He stressed: “I am in pain 24/7.”

He shared that he can only tolerate a few sips of water. He noted that it hurts to breathe, move, and even talk. Joseph claimed that his liquid diet makes him miss out some of his favorite foods he enjoyed before he had ailments.

The partner of Tuesday Vargas revealed that he has been diagnosed with multiple syndromes (NCS, MALS, SMAS, MTS). He said those ailments wreak havoc throughout his body. It causes compressions and makes alterations in his gastrointestinal system, circulatory system, immune system, nervous system, lymphatic system… almost all of his bodily systems.

He knew that in the past months, his health is deteriorating because of his syndromes. He had been to several hospitals, meeting and working with dozens of medical practitioners but there seems to be no definitive treatment plan yet.

He was on the verge of giving up when he received a call from a surgeon who specializes on such cases and finally validated his condition. He was planning to end his life care when the doctor introduced him to new team of doctors. He said they didn’t promise to cure him but will do everything to help him manage his condition and have a better quality of life.

Currently, he’s now in post op. The doctors told him that they won’t fix the compressions but it should help with the nutrition and absorption so that his body will become ready for surgery.

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