Imee Marcos Shares Reason Why Her Father Had To Ban “Voltes V” In 1970s

Senator Imee Marcos: “At that point in time, my dad was advised by a lot of child psychologists and educators na …”

IMEE MARCOS – The senator recently shared the reason why her father, former President Ferdinand Marcos, had to ban Japanese anime series “Voltes V” on Philippine television in the 1970s.

Imee Marcos
Photo source: Manila Bulletin

To recall, it was in May 1978 when the popular Japanese anime series was first broadcast in Philippine television.

During an interview with the entertainment press at the Marcos Mansion in San Juan recently, the senator was asked about the sudden disappearance of the anime series on GMA Network.

She recalled that she was angry when Voltes V was banned on Philippine television in 1979 and went on to explain why her father had to do so. According to the senator, her father was advised by child psychologists and educators at that time.

Nagwa-wala talaga ako noon. Galit na galit ako bakit tinanggal yun,” the senator said. “We all love Voltes V. We were very sad about it but at that point in time, my dad was advised by a lot of child psychologists and educators na yung behavior ng bata, nagiging robotic na at wala ng iniisip kundi violence…parang mechanical na.

For her, the banning of the popular Japanese anime series was the first incident of “political rectitude”.

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The senator also said that she will argue that Voltes V is one of the “greatest stories in the world”, but the kids at that time were so in love with the anime series that they started attacking other people.

Senator Imee Marcos, who also loves to read comics, said that the same thing also happened to “Sesame Street” – a popular educational children’s series in the United States.

Meanwhile, a live-action television series adaptation of the popular Japanese anime series titled “Voltes V: Legacy” is set to air on GMA Network in 2023.

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