Toni Fowler Lashes Out Netizens Saying: “Nakakamiss yung dating Toni”

Here’s the message of Toni Fowler to people who miss the old Toni

TONI FOWLER – The popular vlogger took to social media wherein she slammed the people who don’t like her in the first place but always say: “Nakakamiss yung dating Toni”.

Toni Fowler
Credit: Facebook/screengrab

Toni is considered one of the most popular vloggers in the country. On YouTube alone, she has over six million subscribers. She also has millions of followers on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. She usually posts videos (any kind of content or dance videos) on social media alongside her daughter Tyronia and the ToRo family.

Previously, her name was dragged into the issue between fellow YouTubers Wilbert Tolentino and Zeinab Harake. This was after Zeinab allegedly told Wilbert as per their exposed convo that other content creators, including Fowler’s group, are “trash.”

Toni, enraged by Zeinab’s comments about her and her group, released a video in which she vented her frustration. However, after Zeinab apologized, Toni admitted that Zebby’s humility in the midst of the controversy impressed her.

Recently, she went to the social networking site, Facebook wherein she shared a video of her and her boyfriend Vince Flores. It appears in the video that her face has swollen, probably due to the procedure she went through. Her lips noticeably thickened slightly.

According to Toni Fowler, there were people who doesn’t like her in the first place, yet always said that they miss the old Toni. This prompted the vlogger to slam them.

“‘Nakakamiss yung dating Toni’”, she said. “Comment ng mga taong mula noon di naman ako bet. Memacompare lang,” she added.

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