Maxene Magalona Urges Girls Not To Chase After Boys

Maxene Magalona: “Don’t chase. Attract.”

MAXENE MAGALONA – The actress recently took to social to tell women not to chase after boys or men.

Maxene Magalona
Photo: Maxene Magalona / Instagram

On Instagram, Maxene posted photos of herself at a sunflower garden and wrote a lengthy message dedicated to “all the women out there, especially the young ones”.

In the caption, she urged women to work on their soil (soul) as though it were a garden and let the bees come to them, to work on themselves everyday, and to pull out the weeds (their toxic traits and habits).

Let the flowers of your soul bloom and patiently wait for the bees to come to you for your sweet nectar,” she wrote in the caption of her social media post.

According to her, when women chase after something, they’re sending a signal to the Universe that whatever it is they’re chasing is running away from them. Instead, she said that women should invest their energy in working on themselves so they can feel worthy of all the things that they desire in this lifetime.

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Maxene went on to tell women not to waste their energy chasing or pleasing boys, but to chase and please God instead.

Please God by working on becoming the best version of yourself. When you live your life for God, He will be the One to bring your soulmate to you,” she said.

She also said that girls have to be grateful and to also feel and believe that they already have whatever it is that their heart desires.

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