Maxene Magalona Speaks On Separation With Rob Mananquil

Maxene Magalona: “I can move forward now with clarity”

MAXENE MAGALONA – The actress recently spoke about her separation from her husband Rob Mananquil.

Maxene Magalona
Photo: Maxene Magalona / Instagram

In an interview with Toni Gonzaga, Maxene opened up about the exact moment she knew that her marriage was already over. She shared that her separation with Rob was “more of a mutual decision”.

I had that moment na parang naisip ko enough is enough. I didn’t feel like I was myself anymore. I could also see him experiencing that. Both of us were struggling na,” she said. “I was the one who decided na parang hindi na talaga match. Nasabi ko naman yun lahat sa kanya at naintindihan niya.

Despite their separation, Maxene knew that she did the best she could to make their marriage work. The actress also said that she would rather invest in working on herself and use her energy wisely instead of dwelling on why this happened to their marriage.

Aside from this, Maxene also openly talked about possibly falling in love again.

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The actress was asked what kind of love she is looking for now.

According to her, she’s looking for a “conscious love”. She also said that she wants a man who is self-aware, conscious, spiritual, connected to God, and knows what he wants. She added that she wants someone who is an artist and someone who loves life as much as she did.

Maxene went on to address rumors that she’s a third party in the marriage of a known couple who weren’t identified. According to her, she’s not bothered by the rumors at all as she lives with integrity and speaks her truth fearlessly because she knows she’s “a woman of my word”.

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