Female Netizen Expresses Disappointment After Group of Teenagers Eat ‘Alay’ for Deceased Father

A Group of teenagers eats “alay” or food offering during Undas

FOOD OFFERING – A female netizen took to social media wherein she expressed her disappointment after a group of people who appeared to be teenagers eat their “alay” for her late father.

food offering or alay
Photo credit: Facebook/screengrab

Food offerings, or alay in Tagalog, and halad in Cebuanos, are customary traditions observed during Undas or Pista ng mga Patay.

It originated Ilocano ritual called Atang which is used to drive away evil and malevolent spirits.

Plates of food prepared for an atang include delicacies such as suman, dudul, and linapet and to name a few.

During wakes and anniversaries in homes or in front of graves, these offerings are placed in front of a photo of the deceased and/or an image of Jesus, Mary, or the Holy Family, after which the family and/or mourners of the deceased may also offer prayers.

Native and traditional Filipinos believe that food offerings must be kept holy and revered.

However, a group of teenagers mocked its customary presentation after eating the foods offered for the dead at a cemetery.

Recently, a certain MJ RemoDoydora took to the social networking site, Facebook wherein she exposed how they were disrespected by a group of teenagers.

In the video, a group of teenagers seemed to be “enjoying” their festive treat at a cemetery.

Their “eating session” was uploaded on social media but according to Doydora, their “mukbang” has been deleted.

Watch the video below:

Some netizens find it disrespectful not just to the dead but also to the families.

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