Ellen Adarna and Derek Ramsay Celebrate 1st Wedding Anniversary

Ellen Adarna and Derek Ramsay celebrated their 1st wedding anniversary.

ELLEN ADARNA AND DEREK RAMSAY – The celebrity couple recently celebrated their 1st wedding anniversary in Peru.

Ellen Adarna and Derek Ramsay
Photo: Ellen Adarna / Instagram

It was last November 11 when Derek and Ellen celebrated their 1st anniversary as husband and wife. To mark their special day, the two visited Machu Picchu – the site which has long been on Derek Ramsay’s bucket list of travel destinations.

The two has also been busy touring Peru’s capital Lima wherein they have been walking around, enjoying the food, and getting couple massages.

Sharing a series of photos of the two of them on her social media account, Ellen Adarna greeted Derek on their 1st wedding anniversary and also expressed her love for her husband.

Celebrating us today happy anniversary my love! OMG we’re sooo married! hahahahah  I love you,” Ellen Adarna wrote in the caption of her social media post.

Derek Ramsay responded to his wife’s post on Instagram by telling her that he will love her more and more each day. He also said that life with her is incredible and loving her is beautiful.

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For his part, Derek posted a video where he can be seen still in bed recording a message for his wife while she’s in the bathroom. He took the opportunity to thank his wife for giving him a gift that he’s sharing with her, saying that he loved every single minute and every single second of the trip with her.

I just want to say thank you for changing my life. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for being who you are. Thank you for this beautiful trip. You know that this was on my bucket list,” he said.

To recall, Ellen shared that their trip was her surprise wedding anniversary gift to Derek. She also said that she broke the surprise to her husband two weeks before the trip so that he would have time to prepare and pack.

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