Comb Through Meaning & Sentence Examples

Comb Through Definition, Sentence Examples

COMB THROUGH MEANING – Find out what comb through really means. Example sentences of this idiomatic expression can also be found here.

It is possible to pinpoint the idiom’s derivation by using the etymology of the word “comb,” from which the statement “comb through” must have originated. The term “comb” is thought to have become widely used in the 1400s.

Old English, which may have descended from German, may be responsible for the word comb’s use in English. After coming from German to English through Old English, the expression “comb something through” was already in widespread use by the 1600s and 1700s.



  • to investigate anything thoroughly.
  • to examine something or someone in detail.
  • to seek something out or be on the lookout for something
  • to properly inspect
  • to closely inspect something, someone, or an item.
  • to correctly examine or do a comprehensive check.
  • to seek something out or look for it

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Here are examples of sentences that use comb through:

  1. My mother likes to comb through the kitchen after the maid has finished cleaning there.
  2. You cannot possibly be serious about combing through this mess to find your lost necklace.
  3. Adam combed through his belongings to check if he indeed had the papers.
  4. The cops combed through their condo after the income tax authorities left the building.

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