Arnold Clavio Slams Fake News About Bikers: “Hindi ko na po matiis”

Kapuso broadcast journalist Arnold Clavio took to social media wherein he slammed a piece of fake news about bikers or cyclists.

The fake news says. “Mga siklista, pwede nang mag longride basta wag lang sila lalayo.” Obviously, the said news headline is edited.

Arnold Clavio Reacts to Fake News Using 24 Oras

Here’s the reaction of Arnold Clavio to fake news using 24 Oras

ARNOLD CLAVIO – The Kapuso broadcaster reacted to fake news spreading on social media using 24 Oras.

Arnold Clavio and 24 Oras
Credit to the rightful owner of the photos

A fake news had gone viral using a screengrab of the said newscast with the headline: “Mga siklista, pwede nang mag long ride basta huwag lang silang lalayo.”

Although the said post was only sarcasm, many believed it and even kept spreading it online.

But Arnold Clavio couldn’t keep mum on the fake news spreading on the internet like a wildfire.

“Hindi ko na po matiis. Ilang beses na rin na pabalik-balik sa akin ang post na ito. Sasabihin ko po na ito ay malinaw na fake news,” the broadcaster said.

He then pleads to netizens to stop spreading fake news.

His colleague Pia Arcangel, who was included in the screengrab, was also tagged in the post.

This is not the first time that screengrabs of news shows have been used for satirical posts. This is rampant on social media and sometimes even the style of art cards displayed by news outlets is imitated for making “satire” posts.

The public especially netizens is being reminded not immediately believe news surfacing on the internet. Check first the authenticity of the website publishing it.

Meanwhile, Facebook has provided tips on how to spot false news.

Here are the tips on how to spot fake news according to the social networking site:

  • Be skeptical of headlines
  • Look closely at the link
  • Investigate the source
  • Watch for unusual formatting
  • Consider the photos
  • Inspect the dates
  • Check the evidence
  • Look at other reports
  • Is the story a joke?
  • Some stories are intentionally false

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