120 Inmates Bodies from New Bilibid Prison Set for Autopsy

120 Inmates Bodies To Undergo Autopsy to Further Check their Cause of Death

INMATES BODIES – One hundred twenty (120) dead bodies of people deprived of liberty inside the New Bilibid Prison are set for autopsy.

The Philippines has the largest mega penitientiary across the globe – the New Bilibid Prison. Unfortunately, it is currently holding a huge number of inmates that is way beyond the total number of people that it can accommodate without posing much struggles on the people inside.

The NBP is filled with people coming from different walks of life and with different reasons why they are inside the national penitentiary. Many people die inside the NBP while serving their sentence.

Most of the inmates bodies are brought to a funeral parlor in Muntinlupa. However, many of them were not claimed by their families.

Inmates Bodies New Bilibid Prison
Photo Credit: PhilStar

Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, 120 inmates bodies from the New Bilibid Prison are set for autopsy. Department of Justice (DOJ) Secretary Boying Remulla said that the bodies will be checked along with the stated cause of death in their death certificates.

Remulla stressed that they will try to reach out to the families of the deceased as the dead individuals in the pursuit to give them a decent burial. The bodies will be turned over to the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) for the pathological examinations. Based on the report, they will be buried at the New Bilibid Prison Cemetery.

Previously, the Bureau of Corrections (BuCor) freed more than 300 prisoners from different jail facilities across the nation. Remulla previously expressed their plans to release more prisoners in November and December as part of decongesting the facilities. He ordered the checking of those who have finished their sentence.

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