Bersamin Says PBBM Not Keen On Releasing “First 100 Days” Report

Executive Secretary Lucas Bersamin: “Walang pamantayan kung bakit mo kailangan na magreport na first 100 days or not.”

BERSAMIN — Executive Secretary Lucas Bersamin said that President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr is not keen on releasing his “First 100 Days” report.

Executive Secretary Lucas Bersamin
Photo source: CNN Philippines

A week before Bongbong marked his 100th day as President on October 8, Bersamin said that Bongbong was “ambivalent” about the first 100 days in office and was actually wondering if it’s necessary.

According to him, the President didn’t seem like the one who would make a big deal out of such a milestone.

He posed that to us: ‘Are we bound to give a report on the 100 days?’ Sabi niya, ‘Kung 100, bakit hindi 50 (If 100, why not 50)? Have we not done enough?’” he said, quoting the President. “Walang pamantayan kung bakit mo kailangan na magreport na first 100 days or not. We agree with him.

President Bongbong Marcos
Photo: Bongbong Marcos / Facebook

According to a report, former Press Secretary Trixie Cruz-Angeles said last September 22 that her office was already preparing for the Marcos administration’s 100th-day report. She resigned from her position last October 4 because of “health reasons”.

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From an outsider’s perspective, th enewly-appointed Executive Secretary described PBBM’s first 100 days in office as “inspiring”. He also noted that he came in toward the end of Marcos administration’s 90th day.

To recall, the President named Bersamin as the new Executive Secretary last week following the resignation of Atty. Victor Rodriguez from the position. Rodriguez also confirmed that he’s no longer part of the current administration.

Bersamin said that the President’s most significant achievement would probably be his trip to New York City in US for the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) last month. Likewise, he praised the President for being consistent in his call for unity.

Very inspiring yung first three months. Nada-divert lang nang kaunti because there were turbulences, but common ‘yan sa mga new administrations,” Bersamin said.

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