Bersamin Speaks On PBBM’s Weekend Trip To Singapore

Executive Secretary Lucas Bersamin: “If public funds were spent, walang problema diyan kasi that was also a trip undertaken for the interest of the Philippines”

BERSAMIN — Executive Secretary Lucas Bersamin recently spoke about President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.’s weekend trip to Singapore.

President Bongbong Marcos
Photo source: Manila Bulletin

On Tuesday, the Executive Secretary pointed out that the President’s trip to Singapore in time of the F1 Grand Prix was “undertaken for the interest of the Philippines”. Thus, it must not be criticized.

The President’s unannounced trip to the foreign country was questioned for its timing and the funds used for the said trip.

Bersamin said that they have no knowledge where the fund was sourced. However, he stressed that there’s “no problem” whether public funds were spent during the said trip as the President was there for the interest of the Philippines.

He added that the President might have known that many big and important people will attend the F1 Grand Prix and so he took advantage of it in order to attract investments and new partnerships.

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The Executive Secretary also said that people shouldn’t be “too rigid” in thinking that the trip shouldn’t be funded by taxes, because if indeed it was funded by taxes, it’s the obligation of the government to ensure the President’s safety when he travels.

The President and the first family are regarded with such a great value. They are part of the administrative code. The welfare of the first family is of concern of the state,” he explained.

Bersamin also defended the President, saying that the President entitled to his private time. He also cited security reasons on why the said trip wasn’t announced to the public beforehand.

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