Viral Pedestrian Lane in Manila with Railings (Before and After)

Remember the viral pedestrian lane with railings in Manila?

PEDESTRIAN LANE – A pedestrian lane in Manila caught the attention of netizens with the railings blocking the way.

pedestrian lane railings
Credit to the rightful owner of the photos

It was on September 10, 2022, when a pedestrian lane in Tayuman Street, Sampaloc, Manila went viral after netizens noticed the railings blocking the way.

It was first posted on The Passenger Forum Facebook Page and was shared by netizens on social media. As expected, it drew massive criticism.

Some were asking who was behind the project, with others are sarcastically saying if it could be considered a “project.”

Because of the railings, the passersby crowded the side of the road.

Those who passed by the pedestrian lane complained that lots of motorcycles were swerving while passing the road which is dangerous to the pedestrians.

The railings can be noticed blocking the road since May 2022 as per Google Street View.

There were netizens who claimed that they have saw the unusual situation even before it trended and became viral in September.

But based on the photos that surfaced again on September 21, there is no longer a barrier at the crossing, but only a piece of railings was sawn, and it is not suitable for the size of the lane so it is still a hassle.

After netizens criticized it again, it was adjusted to fit the size of the lane.

Apparently, it was still a hassle due to the electric post, pedestrian crossing sign, and pile of garbage. But at least it’s not totally blocking the way.

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