PERCY LAPID – Broadcaster Who Claimed to be Relative of Lito Lapid Calls VP Sara Duterte “Epal”

Percy Lapid on VP Sara Duterte: “Habang wala ‘yung pusa eh umeepal ang daga”

PERCY LAPID – A broadcaster who claimed to be a relative of actor, Senator Lito Lapid called Vice President Sara Duterte, “epal.”

Percy Lapid
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This was after the secretary of the Department of Education (DepEd) met with the security sector earlier wherein she also gave a message to criminals and terrorists.

It can be recalled that on her second day as the country’s officer-in-charge, while President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. is away for his state visit, Sara Duterte met with the security forces.

Through Special Order No. 75, Marcos has appointed Duterte as officer-in-charge of the Office of the President from September 4-7 amid the state visit of the president to Indonesia and Singapore.

The security sector is composed of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), Philippine Army, Philippine Air Force, Philippine Navy, Philippine National Police (PNP), and Bureau of Fire Protection at Bureau of Jail Management and Penology.

In the said meeting, they talked about the present “peace and order situation” of the country and how to maintain the safety of the Filipino people while the president is away.

The vice president also ordered the security sector to show no mercy to the terrorists and criminals.

Meanwhile, a broadcaster who claimed to be a relative of Senator Lito Lapid criticized the vice president, calling her “epal.”

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“Habang wala ‘yung pusa eh umeepal ang daga,” he said.

“Ano ba eto, kala ko Department of Id*** este, Education si Sikwatary ito, eh bakit siya nakikipagpulong sa National Defense at AFP? Caretaker? Bakit may banta ba, wala naman ah!” he added.

Meanwhile, Percy Lapid is a broadcaster who is known for his furious commentaries on different happenings in the country, especially in politics.

He claimed to be a relative of Sen. Lito Lapid. However, he has long denied his relation with the senator and even called him “walang kwentang tao.”

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    • Rest in peace and be comforted in being a fighter for Truth, Justice one included to God’s precepts” Blessed are those who labor for Truth and Justice.” You are not a lost to the Jourmalist’s.Media MAnong Percy but a progressive assets. Progressive assets for a beliguired, Philippines Journalists.

      • You are grealy missed.I just have been an avid listener to the Percy Lapid Fire, prog
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  1. Siguro nararapat ang naganap sa pagbawi sa buhay niya
    Ok na sana yung mga banat niya, kaso nasobrahan naman ang pagkampi niya kay Atty. Alex Lopez at nagpaka it PRO siya sa Kandidatura nito


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