LIMOS o KUTSILYO? Man Begging for Money Threatens Passenger with a Knife

Beggar threatens a passenger with a knife

LIMOS o KUTSILYO? – A man begging for money was captured by a netizen threatening a passenger with a knife.

beggar with knife
Photo credit to the owner

A certain Aey Chops took to the social networking site, Facebook to share the incident.

The netizen said they were riding in a passenger jeep en route Sta. Lucia and Cainta vice-versa when a man suddenly got on the jeep and started begging for alms.

The beggar did not force the passengers to give him money at first but when he saw a rich-looking passenger, he started to pester the latter.

Initially, Chops did not mind the man, citing she might mishear the beggar claiming that he has a knife.

But when the passenger refused to give money to the beggar, the latter removed his mask and told him that he has a knife inside his bag.

The beggar looked at Chops and even told her that they are not allowed to steal.

When the beggar told Chops that they are not allowed to steal, she took her phone asking the beggar why he was threatening the passengers to steal money from them.

Being afraid for his life, the passenger- a teenage man, was forced to give money to the beggar.

After the incident, the beggar decided to get off the vehicle and the male victim was left traumatized.

Meanwhile, Aey is calling the attention of the authorities with hopes that it won’t happen anymore.

Netizens gave mixed reactions to the incident.

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